Zaxby & Tisdale: What we know about the sale of the Zaxbys mansion in Millburn, NY

Zax by Tisdales has sold its home in Millburg, N.Y., for $1.8 million.

The sale is for the 4,100-square-foot mansion, which was built in 1901 and was sold by the family of Tisdallis daughter, Marguerite, who died in 2003.

Zaxby has said that he would like to donate the mansion to the Tisdalls after the sale.

The sale price was reported to be around $1 million.

How to Eat Your Way Through a Massive Salad Party

What’s your favorite salad party?

I like to think of myself as a “viral-tasting salad.”

It’s easy to forget how much time, effort, and money goes into these sorts of parties.

But they’re an essential part of the party experience.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your salad party time.


Choose a Salad Party Location.

If you want to make a great salad party, find a place where people are talking about you.

And then go there.

Some salad parties are like weddings: Everyone has to be there.

That means people who know you.

If your party is to be held in a big room, choose a place with a great view of the sea.

This makes it easier to enjoy the view.


Bring the Aces.

Everyone needs a drink and a good seat.

But make sure you bring plenty of Aces, too.

And don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket.

I like my salad parties with about 15-20 people, because I can tell who’s getting the most enjoyment from the party.


Pick a Date.

You should be able to pick a date and get on with your life, but remember to take into account your time, energy, and availability.

If it’s a Thursday or Friday, you can get a date that’s a little later.

But it’s still important to get together with your friends on a Friday night.


Don’t Forget About the Bachelorette.

Don the Bachelor!

This season is called the “BacheloretTEEN” because everyone in the U.S. has to get married.

You may have noticed that the last time I was a Bachelor, the first one I dated was a year ago.

I was so excited when I heard about the show, and I got on a plane to LA to meet my first Bachelor.

I thought it was going to be an awesome experience.

I knew that when I was dating my first boyfriend, I would be able “win” this season of the show.

I made sure I had all the details ready so I wouldn’t disappoint him.

I got to meet a few amazing women, and then I was hooked.

My date and I ended up going out to dinner together that night.

And the first night I was out there, he brought me the Bachelor.

That’s when it all started.


Make sure the Bats are Happy.

You don’t want to go to a party without some bats on your side.

They will help you stay focused on the dance floor.

Plus, they will bring some great music to the party to give you some “fun.”


Make It a Party.

As much as I love to get down and dirty, the parties don’t end until it’s time to leave.

If that means getting a couple drinks with friends, then great!

Just make sure they get to go home before you.


Be Kind to the Guests.

It’s good to be polite, but don’t be rude.

Everyone has different expectations and wants their favorite person at a party to stay.

Be kind to everyone who comes to your party.

Don�t try to pick the winner.


Keep It Fun.

Don��t feel like you have to get up and leave.

Keep the party going with a variety of dances, food, and songs.

It�s best to get everyone dancing when you first get to the restaurant, so you can have a lot of fun.


Have Fun!

There are plenty of party activities that are just fun.

For instance, I am always down to help out my friends at a restaurant that’s just got a pool table and a DJ booth.

I get to watch the kids, eat some food, watch the TV, and play games.

Plus there are all kinds of parties to try.

You can have dinner parties and a music party.

Maybe even get a big dance party.

And if that�s not your thing, then you can just have a nice quiet drink and enjoy the party all on your own.

When is a new house worth buying?

It is a question which, according to local authorities, has never been asked in many years.

It is, however, a question that has been raised in the wake of the news that the city is on the verge of having more houses built than it can accommodate.

The city’s housing shortage has been compounded by the construction of more than a dozen new housing developments, which, combined with the shortage of new houses, have led to an increase in the number of people being housed.

The issue of new house construction has come to the fore as the government is seeking to reduce the number and size of existing houses, with a target of creating 100,000 new houses over the next decade.

“We are building more than 100, 000 new homes a year.

I think it is the most ambitious housing strategy in the country.

I am very happy about it,” said Shripad Muralidharan, the head of the city’s Housing and Urban Development Department.

But, as with many other big cities, the pace of new housing construction in the capital is far slower than it is in other major cities.

As of September last year, only 4,865 new houses were built in the city.

The remaining 1,935 were under construction, according the Delhi Development Authority.

Muralidkaran said that he did not think the number was much higher in other cities, which have around 50,000 houses in total.

“The number of houses being built is much lower in some other cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The numbers are much higher, but not that high in Delhi.

But there is an increase as well in new houses being constructed in Delhi,” he said.

While the city has been seeing an influx of housing, it is not just new houses that are being built.

The government is also planning to build two new schools, an airport, a hotel and a hospital.

The city is also gearing up to build the National Capital Development Authority (NCDA) building, which is expected to take five years to complete.

However, the construction is far from being completed.

The NCDA building has been the subject of protests from local residents, who say that it will have a huge impact on their living conditions.

“It is going to be a nightmare for us.

It will take us months to get the buildings finished,” said a resident of the sprawling, sprawling National Stadium complex in New Delhi, who asked not to be named.

“It will be like a prison for us, as we have no housing for families to live in.

They are going to build their own houses.

We have to move out of the house to move into another house.”

A new government scheme, the Housing Guarantee Scheme (HGS), has been mooted to help the city with building the housing needed for its population.

But the scheme has not been implemented as yet.

According to an official of the National Planning Commission (NPC), the Delhi Housing Guarantees Scheme is on a par with other major city schemes.

However, the official said that the Delhi Government has not set a target for the number or size of housing that will be provided by the NPC in the next three years.

The NPC is yet to set a date for the completion of the housing project, which will be funded through a government-owned scheme.

Aussie chef shares his memories of the salad house, with 100 years of recipes

AUSTRALIA’S first salad house has closed its doors and been left with a sad legacy of recipes and stories.

Aussie chef, Andrew Millburn, was one of the first to create a salad house and the first person to sell a dish at the place.

Millburn’s daughter, Julie, who is now a cookbook author, has shared some of the stories that inspired his recipe for an Australian style salad in a new book, American Salad House.

“When I was a child, there was a house that I loved to cook, that I wanted to grow up to be a chef and a chef that I would want to serve my family,” Millburn said.

“The only way I could make it was to open a restaurant in the old town of Melbourne.”

A Victorian farmhouse is shown in the background.

(Supplied: Andrew Millborough)The farmhouse that was sold to Millburn was the first farmhouse on Victoria’s north coast.

It was the only one in the town, and Millburn spent the rest of his life working there.

Millwood’s first salad was the “Bouquet de Peau” and it was the start of the idea for his famous “Bourbon-Barbecue Sauce”.

He started out working as a baker in Melbourne and eventually opened his own restaurant, Millburn’s Barbecue in 1863.

“I thought that I’d been a baker for a very long time and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.

So it was quite exciting when I got the opportunity to open up,” Millwood said.

Millborough said he wanted to “set up my own restaurant” in Melbourne but “the land in the city wasn’t very good”.

“I had no idea where the land was,” Millborough said.

He went on to open his own dry goods store, Millwood’s Goods, which opened in 1874.

“At that time, we were the first grocery store in Melbourne,” Millbrook said.

In 1888, Millborough opened Millburns Barbecue, an “authentic” Australian style barbecue restaurant.

It was a hit and was soon followed by the original Millburn House, a restaurant that was opened in Melbourne in 1899.

“My grandfather was one who was the founder of Millburn Barbecue and he said that there should be a barbecue restaurant that everyone could eat,” Millfield said.

Mr Millburn has kept a diary of his time at Millburn and the restaurant.

“One of the things that I’m really proud of is that my father did not do anything to change my life, he just kept his hands clean,” Millworth said.

The restaurant was closed by Millburn for the first time in 1911.

“After about five or six years, the last customer, I think, was the guy who lived in the hotel, he went away to visit the family in the country, he didn’t want to come back to Melbourne,” he said.

Now, the Millburn Restaurant has been reopened and will reopen in 2019.

Millbrook’s restaurant was the last restaurant in Melbourne to sell food to the public and his family.

“They were really happy that I had opened up, they had the restaurant open, and I have kept my diary of the restaurant,” Millridge said.

“So it’s a nice place to come and have a meal and I think it’s very good food.”

Millbrook said that if he could do it all over again, he would have opened up the restaurant in Sydney and Melbourne, but for some reason, he was not allowed to do that.

“Because I was an Australian citizen, I wasn’t allowed to go to Sydney and I couldn’t go to Melbourne because I wasn`t an Australian.

So I just decided to open the restaurant and open up in Sydney, but they said ‘no’ to that because I was still a British citizen,” Millbury said.

It’s a house sale, but not one for the faint of heart

It’s hard to believe, but the house sale that’s going on in Millburn, South Africa has gone viral.

It’s not the first time it’s happened.

The seller told the ABC that he bought the house for $8,000 in 2009.

He said he only wanted to sell it for “just” $2,000, but had no money to pay the mortgage, so the buyer took it to a property agent.

They were told that the property had a “high” value and would be worth more than $10 million.

So, the buyer decided to buy the property for $10.5 million, which was a total loss.

It’s now been sold for $9.8 million.

The seller said he will try to sell the house again in the future.

“It’s going to be a good property and a nice place to live,” he said.

“I’ll do the best I can to make sure it’s a place that people want to live in.”

But it’s not going to change the fact that I’ve lost my home.

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‘The Dyson’: How The Future Of Your Home Is Being Defined by the Dyson

The Dyson vacuum cleaner is a big part of your life, whether it’s your home, your office or even your car.

But for most of us, the company behind it is little more than a relic from the industrial revolution.

But the Disonys future looks bright.

That’s according to new research, which suggests that the world could be in for a “dyson revolution” soon.

The idea that we could be living in a world of robots and drones has been around for years, but has been mostly relegated to the realm of sci-fi, where it’s been mostly dismissed as a dystopian vision of humanity in decline.

But new research published in Science Advances suggests that robots and machines are now being used in more ways than ever before.

They’re now being designed for tasks like making dishes, sorting fruit and cleaning floors.

The researchers at Stanford University’s Robotics Institute and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory say that this new revolution in robotics could usher in a “Dyson-like” future for our home.

“This is an important transition because the technology that we are currently using is not scalable,” said co-author Kevin Kelly, professor of computer science and engineering at Stanford.

“It’s hard to scale.

We are working to make it so that we can.”

The team is now working on ways to make robots that are scalable, reliable and low-cost.

The robots could also help us take care of some of the biggest tasks in our homes, like cleaning, which has become a huge challenge in the past few years.

A Dyson robot is pictured in a storage facility in Seoul, South Korea.

The new research comes as the company makes headlines for the Dionys new robot vacuum, the Daimler Dyson Power.

The Diony is a robot vacuum that uses a high-power motor to move objects and vacuums are already becoming more common, but Kelly said the Dions newest vacuum was a step in the right direction.

“If we can make robots with more power, it’s a much more effective way to clean and we can have a lot of automation, even if the robots are low-power,” he said.

The robot vacuum is powered by lithium batteries and has an automated cleaning system.

A typical Dyson cleaning robot, from left to right, is a robotic arm, vacuum cleaner, two robots, a vacuum pump, a power cord, and a robot arm.

The team also developed a new robot arm that can move objects with a human-like precision and can carry a lot more stuff than just a vacuum.

The vacuum pump works like a pushbutton and is capable of carrying up to 500 kg of cleaning material.

The power cord also provides the robot with power, which could be used to power things like a dishwasher or a dishwashing machine.

A robotic arm can handle lifting objects up to 2.5 meters high, while the robotic vacuum can lift up to 10 kilograms.

The robotic arm also has an auto-locking feature that will lock itself to the wall, and can even be programmed to do anything a human could do, including open doors.

This autonomous robotic arm is capable with lifting things up to 5.6 meters.

The robotics team is also developing a new smart-phone app called Dyson Assist.

It allows people to use their smartphones to control the DIONYS robot, which can then perform tasks like opening doors or turning on lights.

The company is also looking to use its smart-phones to collect data about the behavior of its robots, such as how many people are using them and how often they are used.

The future of robots will be more complicated than you might think, but Dyson says it’s still committed to the future of home cleaning.

“Our goal is to be the best in the world,” Kelly said.

“We have a strong culture of innovation.

We have a team that’s constantly working on new products.”

How to make salad at home with a little bit of elbow grease

Posted September 30, 2018 05:33:51 The classic salad is all about the dressing.

But it’s the dressing that’s key.

It’s all about what goes into the dressing and how it goes together.

Here’s what you need to know about the classic salad dressing.


The best way to make your own is to buy one that has been specially blended with your ingredients.

Most of the commercial brands of dressing have no special ingredient in them, so they taste the same.

But you don’t want to rely on just any old stuff.

You want to buy the most effective ingredients you can get, preferably with a strong dressing that will keep for a long time.

The salad dressing that comes from a good, reputable source is the one that makes you feel good and helps the taste buds to process all the ingredients.

You can also use a homemade salad dressing with some simple, everyday ingredients like lemon juice and vinegar, which helps to prevent rancidity in the ingredients and make them taste fresher.


If you are buying a salad dressing from the supermarket, make sure you get the best possible quality.

If it’s not from a reputable source, it’s probably too weak to work.

You need to make sure that the dressing you buy is strong enough for the ingredients you’re buying.

You should also check that the ingredients have been aged for a minimum of 12 months, and that it hasn’t been modified to make it taste different.

If there’s a problem with the ingredients, you can replace them with a stronger brand.

The vinegar in a salad made from olive oil is the best example of a weak, but reliable source of vinegar.


The more expensive brands of salad dressing are usually made from animal fats.

They are made from milk, butter, margarine, lard and other high-fat foods.

These are high-risk ingredients that should never be used in a commercial salad dressing, because they may cause cancer and heart disease.

You may want to avoid the kind of fats that are usually added to make processed food or snack food.


Some of the most popular brands of commercial salad dressings are from Aldi and Lidl.

Aldi has been the standard for some time and it’s a popular choice for many restaurants, including supermarkets.

Lid, on the other hand, has been gaining popularity and has been found to be good for people with heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Lids is made from eggs, but it’s also made from plant oils, so it can be a good choice for people who want a healthier, cheaper alternative to Aldi.


If your local supermarket has a salad bar, you may want some fresh fruit or vegetables.

Fresh produce can add a good balance of flavour and nutrition to a salad, so choose something that has a healthy, balanced nutritional profile.


If using homemade dressing, make it with a variety of ingredients.

Choose a variety to help you find the best one.

For example, you might choose an oil blend from a supermarket or a blend of different oils from your local fruit and vegetable market.

These may be good choices for you if you don and don’t like one particular brand of dressing.


You’ll need to keep a close eye on the taste of the dressing so that it’s fresh and tastes great.

The dressing will taste different to you as it ages, so you may need to adjust it up or down depending on how much you eat.


Always be aware of how much salt and vinegar your dressing has.

You will need to be careful when you add extra to a dressing if you’re trying to cut back on sodium, or if you are using a large quantity of the ingredients that you’re adding.

If the dressing is overripe, or tastes too salty, you’ll need a little more salt or vinegar to balance out the saltiness.


If buying a commercial dressing, you will want to check the label carefully to see if it’s certified organic.

You might also want to look out for the label on the bag of dressing you’re purchasing, and make sure the ingredients listed on the label are listed on their own ingredient list.


A salad dressing is often a bit more expensive than a salad from the same restaurant, but if it has a strong, healthy ingredient, it will taste better.

And it won’t leave you feeling sick.

Nutrition Facts Best quality salad dressing (vegan) with olive oil and vinegar.

Amount Per Serving Calories 230 Calories from Fat 67 % Daily Value* Total Fat 9g 16% Saturated Fat 3g 20% Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 10mg 4% Sodium 468mg 18% Potassium 715mg 21% Carbohydrates 18g 7% Dietary Fiber 0g 0% Sugars 1g Protein 6g 12% *Based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

The nutrition facts on this page are a guideline only.

You must seek advice from your doctor before

Which is better: a salad or a salad bar?

Salad house millwooden has opened its first UK store and is offering a limited menu of salads, sandwiches, and sandwiches in the West End.

The menu is a blend of salads and sandwiches, with some sandwiches being a bit pricier than their salad counterpart.

The company is also offering a full range of salad bar options, including sandwiches, salads, and some more unusual items.

The first store in London opened last month in the trendy, high-rise building in Millburn, which was once home to the restaurant The Mill, where the restaurant was famous for its fresh-cut fries.

It now boasts the Mill and Mill Hill eateries, with the Mill Hill cafe also a new addition.

The Mill Hill building has been converted into a large food and drink restaurant and bar called Millwooden.

The restaurant has opened in nearby Covent Garden, where it is the first restaurant in the city to offer a salad and a sandwich.

The Mill closed in 2012, while the restaurant itself has now closed down.

The business has since been converted to a catering business, which has been able to keep it running.

The restaurant has two main restaurants in London, and the Millwood house also has several restaurants around the UK.

However, the MillWooden in London is the only one in the country, although other restaurants in the area include the Milltown and Millwood Hill restaurants.

The West End location is the third restaurant in London to open, following The Mill and The Millhill in Covent.

It is not yet clear if the Millburn-based company will expand into other parts of the country.

Barton house sale: Condominiums on the block are selling

Barton, Ohio — A condominium is being sold by the owner of the Millburn Country Club for $4.5 million to a man who said he plans to turn it into a bar and restaurant.

The sale of the property, known as the Millbrae Country Club, is subject to a final regulatory approval, according to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

The Millbraeria Condominium Development Corporation plans to lease the 1.5-acre site at 2200 N. High St. to a developer who is looking to develop the property into a restaurant, restaurant space and apartments, according a news release from the Ohio agency.

The land is in the middle of an undeveloped area.

The development corporation plans to complete the land in phases with the first phase expected to open in the second half of 2019, according the news release.

The building has a lot of character.

There is a lot going on in the surrounding neighborhood.

There are a lot people here.””

It’s a beautiful area.

There are a lot people here.”

The Millburn-area community was rocked in 2016 when a construction site in the area collapsed, killing two people.

That sparked a fire that burned for weeks, killing seven people.

A preliminary hearing for the Millbrook-area construction project is set for March.