Which is better: a salad or a salad bar?

Salad house millwooden has opened its first UK store and is offering a limited menu of salads, sandwiches, and sandwiches in the West End.

The menu is a blend of salads and sandwiches, with some sandwiches being a bit pricier than their salad counterpart.

The company is also offering a full range of salad bar options, including sandwiches, salads, and some more unusual items.

The first store in London opened last month in the trendy, high-rise building in Millburn, which was once home to the restaurant The Mill, where the restaurant was famous for its fresh-cut fries.

It now boasts the Mill and Mill Hill eateries, with the Mill Hill cafe also a new addition.

The Mill Hill building has been converted into a large food and drink restaurant and bar called Millwooden.

The restaurant has opened in nearby Covent Garden, where it is the first restaurant in the city to offer a salad and a sandwich.

The Mill closed in 2012, while the restaurant itself has now closed down.

The business has since been converted to a catering business, which has been able to keep it running.

The restaurant has two main restaurants in London, and the Millwood house also has several restaurants around the UK.

However, the MillWooden in London is the only one in the country, although other restaurants in the area include the Milltown and Millwood Hill restaurants.

The West End location is the third restaurant in London to open, following The Mill and The Millhill in Covent.

It is not yet clear if the Millburn-based company will expand into other parts of the country.

Barton house sale: Condominiums on the block are selling

Barton, Ohio — A condominium is being sold by the owner of the Millburn Country Club for $4.5 million to a man who said he plans to turn it into a bar and restaurant.

The sale of the property, known as the Millbrae Country Club, is subject to a final regulatory approval, according to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

The Millbraeria Condominium Development Corporation plans to lease the 1.5-acre site at 2200 N. High St. to a developer who is looking to develop the property into a restaurant, restaurant space and apartments, according a news release from the Ohio agency.

The land is in the middle of an undeveloped area.

The development corporation plans to complete the land in phases with the first phase expected to open in the second half of 2019, according the news release.

The building has a lot of character.

There is a lot going on in the surrounding neighborhood.

There are a lot people here.””

It’s a beautiful area.

There are a lot people here.”

The Millburn-area community was rocked in 2016 when a construction site in the area collapsed, killing two people.

That sparked a fire that burned for weeks, killing seven people.

A preliminary hearing for the Millbrook-area construction project is set for March.