Who is the next ‘Star Wars’ star to join ‘Star Trek’?

What is the new Star Trek reboot?

What will it look like?

Where are the new ‘Star-Trek’ characters?

Is it a prequel to ‘Starfleet’ or a prequels to ‘The Next Generation’?

We’re still not sure, but fans are definitely excited to find out, especially since there are now rumors that Star Trek will feature the same cast.

We know that the new reboot will feature more of the classic cast of Star Trek, including Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, James Doohan, and more.

Plus, there’s no denying that new ‘Trek: Into Darkness’ stars Patrick Stewart, Chris Pine, Karl Urban, and Aaron Paul will also be back.

The franchise is also reportedly being rebooted with a new story.

Is the ‘StarTrek’: Into Darkness reboot going to be like ‘The Matrix’?

Star Trek: Into Destiny is an action-packed, sci-fi space adventure, set in a galaxy far, far away.

Its premise is that the crew of the USS Enterprise is stranded on an alien planet and must fight off a vicious, sentient alien race known as the Eldar.

This alien race is a dangerous threat that threatens humanity, and if they can’t defeat them, they will eventually destroy Earth itself.

The film opens in theaters in August 2017.

What’s next for ‘Star Treks’?

It’s safe to say that the reboot will be bigger, with bigger cast members, a more elaborate plot, and bigger budget.

However, what’s more exciting is that there are rumors that it will be a pre-quel to the original Star Trek.

This new StarTrek is supposedly the same as the original series, but with new aliens, new races, and a larger plot.

However…will it be the same film?

Or will it be a different prequel that is different from the original?

If it’s the latter, then we can expect a ton of new aliens and a big-budget reboot.

Or is there still hope?

Maybe the sequel is just a teaser, or that this time, it’s not just an original movie that will open the doors for the next Star Trek?