Why I don’t want to sell my house

As a Palestinian living in Jerusalem, I have never sold a house.

But the Israeli government is currently planning to auction off all of the land around my house in the central occupied West Bank.

The government’s plan is to use the money to build an international airport.

The land on which I live is privately owned.

It’s the most valuable piece of real estate in the West Bank and the most densely populated area in the world.

In the past, there was only one house on the property, a three-story building built in 1967, and it’s still standing.

This year, the land will be sold for an average price of 1.7 million shekels ($13,000).

The Israeli government intends to use all of that money to develop an international air terminal, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The airport is one of the key aspects of the Palestinian Authority’s efforts to break the deadlock with Israel over the status of the West Jerusalem city, which Israel captured in 1967.

This is the second time that the government has proposed to auction the land.

The first time, in December 2017, the Israeli Defense Ministry put out a proposal to auction it.

The Jerusalem Public Security Ministry approved the plan in July 2017, but then the cabinet decided not to approve the proposal.

Since then, the ministry has issued several warnings to the Israeli High Court to stop this process.

In a letter sent to the court in September, the ministers warned that the plans are “an affront to the Jewish character” of the city and that the plan will “have serious consequences for the future of the Jewish presence in Jerusalem.”

The ministry warned that if the court does not approve the plan, the “Jewish people will no longer have the right to live in the Holy City and Jerusalem.”

A senior official in the Ministry of Interior has confirmed to The Jerusalem Report that the ministry is planning to use this land for a large-scale airport.

The land is currently part of a large Palestinian-Israeli highway project, and according to the plans, the government will use the land for the construction of the airport.

As the Israeli military continues to demolish Palestinian homes, demolish Israeli-owned homes and build new structures on private Palestinian land, the situation in the occupied West is getting increasingly precarious for the Palestinians.

In September, for example, a group of Palestinian men, including three children, were detained by Israeli soldiers after setting fire to their houses in the northern West Bank village of Beitunia.

The military said the arson was the result of a dispute between the settlers who lived in the village and the Palestinian residents of Beidunia, who were angry about the demolition of their homes by the Israeli authorities.

They called for the immediate release of the villagers and the release of their families, but the army refused to budge, saying the arson would have a severe impact on the situation.

Last month, Palestinian protesters, who had gathered in Ramallah to protest against the Israeli settlement of Beitar Illit, set fire to a house belonging to the village’s mayor.

The villagers and residents of the village were forced to flee and are currently living in tents in the ruins of their destroyed home.