10 Tips to save money on your short sale calories

The following are 10 quick tips to save $2.50-$3 on a quick house sell, including the difference between a meal and a meal, the difference in price of a single meal and the difference of $2 for a whole meal.1.

Use the sale price to calculate how much to save2.

Use that to compare to your other savings3.

Compare the savings with what you’re saving on other purchases to see if it’s worth it4.

Check your credit card statement to see how much you can borrow5.

Check with your credit union to see what fees they may charge for the sale of your house.6.

Find out if your savings will be available for your retirement savings.7.

If you’re interested in buying a home, ask the seller about the mortgage.8.

Ask for a price you can afford.9.

If possible, use your mortgage as leverage to lower your loan payments.10.

Use your savings to make savings on other expenses like furniture, gas, and clothing.