New house sale website to go live in November 2018

New home sales site House will be live in October 2018 and will be a part of a larger online sales platform called the New York Stock Exchange, according to a company news release.

The New York Post reported on Friday that the company had signed a deal to sell its New York stock to New York City investors.

The company also will be part of the company’s global digital marketplace.

The company has been developing the platform for about a year and plans to expand its offerings to new markets, including Hong Kong, South Korea and China, according the release.

It’s still unclear when the new site will go live.

It has a $3.5 million seed round.

The first wave of New York city listings will launch in 2018, the company said.

The site, which will be managed by the New America Foundation, will be built in partnership with an outside investment group.

The website has about 7 million users worldwide.

The New York company was founded by a group of investors in 2014.

The founder, Mark Levin, is a conservative commentator and the site’s founder, Jeff Riesner, is an investment banker.

Levin has been criticized for his conservative positions.