‘Zaxby’ is ‘the new ZZT’ at the end of the day!

The new Zaxby & Tisdale restaurant in the heart of downtown Las Vegas is opening on Monday, April 2, and the first of its kind in the city.

The restaurant, named Zaxbys, will be a full-service restaurant, with a menu of traditional American fare, but it will also be an upscale restaurant with “trendy” cocktails.

This is an incredibly unique opportunity for us to open this location.

I’m not sure what you could possibly ask for more.

This is the kind of place where we can really be our own best-in-the-nation.

Zaxbys will feature “authentic American cuisine,” according to a news release from Zax by Tisdales.

We’re excited to have a venue that is truly the best in town.

The atmosphere and the quality of the food is going to be a highlight of the venue, and that will make Zaxzby a destination for all of us who love to eat and drink, regardless of where we’re at in life, Zaxs.

Tisdale’s executive chef and the co-owner of Zax restaurants in Toronto, New York and Las Vegas, has been with the company for over 25 years.

Zax has been open since February of 2016, according to the restaurant’s website.

It is located at 1701 East Boulevard, Las Vegas.

The ZaxBy Tisdals Facebook page has also announced the opening of the restaurant, which is expected to open by late March.

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