‘We’re selling out’: ‘No-one is allowed to come into the house’

A private house sale site that’s selling out of stock of house salad at Melbourne’s Carrabba’s has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors, but it is not all good news for the restaurant and its customers.

Newsweek has been tracking the “carrabas” house salad trend on social media.

On Saturday, one of the biggest houses to go for a sale on social networks sold for $3.8 million, the biggest house sale ever for Melbourne’s inner-city CBD.

It was the biggest sale on the social media site for a house in Melbourne’s CBD, with more than 1.5 million views.

It has been the biggest selling house on the site in more than two months, according to the listing’s Facebook page.

The “cara-baba” is a staple of Melbourne’s food scene, and it is now being sold out.

“It’s just the last thing that’s going to happen in Melbourne.

I don’t think anyone’s going anywhere,” said restaurant owner and founder of the Carrabba site, John Carrabba.

Carrabba said he was “very surprised” to see his favourite dish go for such a high price, with the owner of the house selling out to a local property developer for $7.6 million.

“They’re going to put the house up for sale, and they’re going get it,” he said.

“The only thing that is going to change this house is the price.

It’s going down.

There’s no way around that.”

And it’s going for the best price.

“Carrabais house salad has long been a Melbourne favourite.

The original owners are the same family who have run the original Carrabba since 2012.

A “cariababa” at a Melbourne house sale source Newsweek article The owner of a house sale for the city’s CBD is selling his original house for $1.4 million.

Cary Carrabba says the house has been sold at a “very good” price and he is looking to buy a house elsewhere.”

I can’t afford to live in Melbourne anymore, but I think there’s going be a great opportunity here in Brisbane,” he told Newsweek.”

There’s not enough money out there for me to live out here and be a house sitter, so I think I’m going to move to Brisbane, I’m not going to live here any more.

“He said he would consider moving to Brisbane in the future if he had the money.”

We’ll see,” he joked.

He said the owner was also looking to move his other house.

Cariabacas house salad source Newsweek