‘A good salad’: House restaurant’s $25 million renovation makes it a ‘good’ restaurant

A new salad house in New Jersey has become a “good” restaurant, even if its not the best.

Salad House is the latest in a line of restaurant operators that have reinvented their restaurants to adapt to changing tastes and changing business practices.

Owner and chef Paul McNeill said he is working with the owner of a local restaurant to transform his restaurant into an upscale salad house, a concept that has become popular in the past few years.

In recent years, salads have become increasingly popular, and McNeill is a frequent visitor to the New Jersey diners.

The New York Times recently named McNeill one of the “Top 50 Restaurants in America” for his innovative approach to food.

But in 2013, McNeill and his wife, Michelle, opened the first location of their new eatery on the Jersey Shore, which is more than two miles from their family home.

They also have a franchise in South Jersey.

McNeill and Michelle have spent the past five years renovating the place, which opened in early March.

The kitchen has a “freshly washed linen floor and marble countertops and a vintage-style fireplace.”

They added a modern bar, a new lounge area, and new fixtures.

The bar is now stocked with cocktails, and the lounge has a large projector screen that allows guests to watch movies.

The dining room has new wood floors and a custom-made table with a built-in TV.

The dining room also has a new bar with a full bar area and new seating.

In the lounge area the table is stocked with a wine cooler and a cocktail bar.

In the kitchen, McNeil has added a bar, which includes a wood-burning stove, a large gas burner, a griddle, a slow cooker, and a bar.

They’ve also added a gas griddle and an electric grill.

The main dining room features a table with an oak countertop, and tables and chairs have been added in the corner.

The kitchen is stocked, and is now equipped with stainless steel appliances and countertops, and wood-grilled appliances.

McNeil said he has had some people ask him how he makes his salads, and he explained that his inspiration came from a couple of old school salad bars he used to frequent when he was growing up in the suburbs of Dallas.

He said the inspiration for the new restaurant came from the New York restaurant where he had his first taste of grilled cheese and grilled chicken.

“It was very, very good,” McNeill told the Times.

“We’ve had a lot of customers come in and ask about the grilled cheese, but the one thing we’re trying to do is give people the opportunity to try out different types of grilled food.”

He also said the new salad bar has a more upscale feel than the original, and that the restaurant is more of a “meeting place” than a “restaurant.”

McNeill said that the menu has also changed to reflect the changes in the food business.

He said that they have added a grilled cheese sandwich, a chicken salad, and an entree of chicken salad with pickles, as well as an option for a salad bar.

“We’re trying really hard to keep things fresh, so we want to have fresh salads, fresh sandwiches, fresh sides,” he said.

“That’s one of our things that’s unique, is we’re not just serving up a good salad, we’re going to bring a great salad.”

McNeil has also tried to keep the prices reasonable.

They offer an appetizer of two slices of bread and a sandwich of two chicken salad and pickles.

The menu is also available with a side of vegetables, but that’s just one of his goals.

McNahan said he hopes that the new menu will “bring people in and get them to try something new.”

He also said that salads will continue to be served, and they have plans to continue to serve them on Saturdays, and Sunday.

McConnell said that he and his staff are looking forward to having more customers, which will help them continue to grow.

They are hoping that other restaurants in the area will be interested in the concept.

“I think it’s a great thing for the community, and for the restaurant industry as a whole,” he told the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

“And I’m hoping it’ll also help with a lot more business, which we’ll be doing with the other restaurants that are coming to town.”

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