Which house sale history you need to know?

Zaxby the cat owner and his new home are in the midst of a house sale and the house has been on the market for years.

Zaxbys house sale will take place on September 30th, 2017 in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

The house sold at auction in 2015 for $15,000, but the buyer paid $25,000 for it and the rest of the money went to charity. 

Zaxby, who is an American, was found wandering the streets of West Palm, Florida, in December of 2016. 

He has lived in the house ever since and is now the owner of a family-owned real estate business in West Miami. 

His wife, Mimi, has been in charge of the business and has been raising funds for the local homeless shelter and for the Hurricane Irma relief efforts. 

She is also a retired nurse who runs a health care clinic for the elderly in the city of West Miami, which she is proud to call her own. 

In a recent interview with Fox News, Zaxie described the ordeal of being homeless and how she feels now. 

“I can’t do it any other way,” Zax said.

“I’m so happy for the homeless people and I’m so proud of them, but I’m not proud of myself.

The sale is not the first time that Zax has faced an uphill battle to buy a home. “

[I’m] just thankful that I got to be homeless, and now I can live with the family and be with them.”

The sale is not the first time that Zax has faced an uphill battle to buy a home. 

A few years ago, Zexby sold her home and got a job as a barber in a beauty salon. 

But that was a difficult time for Zex. 

At the time, Zox told Fox News that she thought Zax would be a nice housemate. 

When she moved into the house, she noticed the house had been painted a deep green and the bathroom had been remodeled. 

And she noticed some mold growing on the walls. 

Then she found out Zax had been sleeping in the bathroom for more than a month, and it was starting to grow into a problem. 

Her landlord, Joe Siegel, contacted the local Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and told them that he wanted to sell the property and put it up for sale. 

Housing advocates told the city to do everything they could to keep Zax in the property. 

However, ZX was told that the house was in need of repairs and repairs could be costly. 

During the course of the process, ZAX’ mother, who lives in the neighborhood, started a petition to get Zax out of the house. 

Eventually, the city gave in and agreed to make the repairs, but Zax still stayed in the home.

“It was really a tough decision, because we were told that we’d have to pay the money to fix it up and pay the $1,500 down payment for the new paint,” Zox said. 

What started out as a family reunion turned into a homecoming for Zax. 

According to Zax, she was surprised at how many people wanted to help. 

After the repairs were done, the house went up for auction. 

It sold for $21,500 and Zax bought it for $7,000. 

While the sale is a landmark in the area, the Zax by Zax sale is only one example of the many stories of homeless families who have made it through the tough times and made it out OK. 

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